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VilleCard and VilleCard PLUS

Data inizio: 31 May 2018

Data fine: 13 December 2018

the offer for tourists visiting the Brenta Riviera is richer than ever

Now available from the ticket offices of villas on the circuit, Vela and participating partners, the VilleCard 2018 has the same graphic design and colours as ever, but with a wider range of proposals for tourists visiting the Brenta Riviera.

The innovation for the 2018 season, the VilleCard PLUS at €9.90, is a combined card, with entrance to three of the circuit’s villas (Barchessa Valmarana, Villa Foscarini Rossi and Villa Widmann) at a truly competitive price, together with discounts for other local attractions and services.

Conceived principally for new visitors to the area, VilleCard PLUS joins the traditional €2.00 VilleCard which the project leader, San Servolo s.r.l., in agreement with the other partners, decided to retain to provide all residents and regular visitors to the Riviera with a “pannier” packed with a rich range of attractions and services at a special price and therefore accessible to users with different spending power as a contribution to local welfare policies.

Short break tourists need an instrument giving them easy access to the wealth of attractions in the local area, with the certainty of spending a fixed amount and the possibility of using their holiday time flexibly. The card helps meet these needs by integrating the services available in the area and facilitating their use, comments Andrea Berro, Sole Administrator of San Servolo s.r.l.

So the aim of the VilleCard is not to attract visitors, but rather to encourage them to stay for as long as possible, providing an incentivise for them to visit lesser-known and less publicised places and attractions, generating a more uniform and virtuous distribution of tourism across the area, while stimulating knowledge of places of interest which are still little known or even completely unexplored.

VilleCard 2018 is the fruit of active collaboration between the owners and managers of the villas on the circuit, Mira Town Council, the Union of Municipalities on the Brenta Riviera and Ca’ Foscari University, ACTV and Vela, ENAIP Veneto, Confcommercio Ascom Riviera del Brenta, Confesercenti, ATN Laguna Sud, Delta Tour, Oasi WWF Valle Averto, Riviera del Brenta Bike and Travel&Bike

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