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oltre Venezia BikeWays

Data inizio: 26 March 2017

Data fine: 31 December 2017

Cycling itineraries in the Venetian mailhinterland

The new maps produced in the project oltre Venice Bikeways are being distributed, following the restyling of the Committee Oltre Venezia BikeWays, composed of the members of the 10 administrations involved in the project: Campagna Lupia, Campolongo Maggiore, Camponogara, Dolo, Fiesso d ‘Arctic, Fossò, Mira, Noventa Padovana, Stra and Vigonovo supported by San Servolo srl, CISET and FIAB.

From the 96 kilometers of the first edition, the itineraries now reach approximately 135 kilometers with deviations in smaller routes of about 13 kilometers each for those wishing to visit the historic centers of the area, make a cultural stop and shopping.

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