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VilleCard 2017 ready for the next holiday season

Data inizio: 01 April 2017

Data fine: 31 December 2017

the network of villas

Already on sale in circuit ticket offices, the VilleCard 2017 has the same graphic design and colours which have characterised it from the start, but there are now more participating villas and the collaboration with local operators has been renewed.

The integrated circuit of visits to the stately homes of Brenta brings together nine villas, mostly privately-owned, from Mira Oriago to Noventa Padovana (in order the Villa Allegri von Ghega, Barchessa Valmarana, Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari, Villa Valier, Villa Tito, Villa Badoer Fattoretto, Villa Ferretti Angeli, Villa Foscarini Rossi and Villa Todeschini), offering a €1 or €2 discount on the normal admission ticket.

This year there are two new additions, the WWF Reserve of Valle Averto and ATN Laguna Sud with excursions to the Valle Cornio, proof that networking works and that the Brenta Riviera is not just about beautiful architecture, but also boasts fascinating habitats inhabited by unusual species of plants and wildlife.

On the express wishes of the current management, the only source of financing for the new edition of this project comes from the project leader, San Servolo s.r.l.. As Andrea Berro, Sole Administrator of San Servolo s.r.l., explains: “The role assigned us by the Metropolitan City to promote the heritage in our local area includes making it more accessible to visitors and even more so to residents. People usually choose faraway destinations for their outings and holidays, passing over whatever is nearest. One of the aims of the VilleCard is to stimulate neighbourhood tourism, encouraging people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the culture, wine, cuisine and services on their doorstep to repossess their home patch”.

In 2016, there were more than 4,500 VilleCards distributed on the circuit, involving events ranging from sport (Dogi’s Half Marathon) and entertainment (High-Heel Race) to art (Brenta Riviera Art Biennial) and business (Ville&Shoes), with more than 500 cards sold considering just the Villas circuit and the Groupon network alone.

Thanks to a recent collaboration agreement between San Servolo s.r.l. and Vela S.p.A. formalising the long-established collaboration between the two companies to create a system of leisure and business opportunities for visitors to the metropolitan area, users of local ACTV public transport line 53 between Padua/Malcontenta-Mira will be able to continue using the 24-hour tourist travelcard offering unlimited stops along the route for just €9. A sort of hop-on-hop-off line offering a practical and environmentally-friendly way to enjoy the villas and historic city centres in complete tranquillity.

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